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White Rose Movement

The Zodiac, Oxford
27th November 2006

The Joy Division comparisons are inevitable: the Nazi era name; the nervy, haunted front man; the edgy and angular bass-heavy repetition. Luckily, White Rose Movement do offer far more than a mere tribute act, and other influences are evident: New Order and Duran Duran for the synth-guitar blend, early Spandau Ballet, even Nine Inch Nails for the industrial thudding.

There’s an undeniable energy and a compelling anger in the room tonight, from bassist Owen Dyke’s viciously frugging peroxide fringe to keyboard player Taxxi’s ice-cold pouting. Singer Finn Vine is captivating; he yelps histrionically yet sings rather unintelligibly, so any message in the lyrics will require reference to their debut album Kick produced by man-of-the-moment Paul Epworth (The Rakes, Futureheads, Bloc Party etc). Finn also breaks the aloof act by chatting to the crowd, saying they’re happy to be in Oxford – it’s their spiritual home (full of posh and clever people, you see).

Girls in the Back and Love is a Number are barnstorming – mysterious, catchy and hook-laden. However, some songs are melodically quite dull – often closer to a series of slogans than the traditional verse-chorus formula. Nothing emulates Love is a Number, though they do try: Alsatian and London’s Mine are hummable.

I really want to like them more than I do: for me, they just don’t have enough stand-out songs yet, and I can’t help thinking that The Faint currently cover the same electro indie post-punk dance ground more effectively and memorably. They could be so much more – they’ve got the sound, the looks, the style, the attitude, the backstory (all members but Taxxi grew up together in a commune in Norfolk). Now all they need is more good material and a distinct sound of their own. They’re on their way though, and if they keep it up, they should be brilliant by album number 3.


From Nightshift, January 2007


White Rose Movement – The Zodiac, Oxford – 27th November 2006

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